Harnessing the Power of Observation

Observation is a powerful tool for us as leaders and learners. But like many other powerful things, it is only powerful when used. Water can be stagnate and sour or if moving, can be turned into electricity. Like water, observation only becomes powerful when properly put to use.

How powerful can it be? It is a multiplier in that we can multiply our personal experiences by observing the experiences and results of others. And observation is the raw material of learning.

Once we recognize the potential power, we must take some steps to put this power to work in our lives. Here are six ways to do that.

Pay more attention. There are literally thousands of things you can observe in your normal day. As I write this, I have just returned from a (new to me) foreign country where everything seemed new – in these moments, our system is jolted to heightened observation to make sure we can get around, understand our surroundings and more. Yet even our normal daily working routine has more opportunities to learn than we realize. To harness the power of observation, we must notice more, and pay more attention.

Observe with more than your eyes. Most definitions of the word observe relate to seeing or noticing, yet there is more to notice or observe in a situation than just what we can see. Notice sounds, smells, and pauses. Notice hesitation and excitement, listen for clues and more. We harness the power of observation when we notice with all five of our senses, not just one.

Soak in the experience. I once read that the best thing to do when on a vacation and want to remember something you are seeing was to take a complete experience imprint. Rather than just taking a picture (a nod to the suggestion above), really experience a situation with all of your senses. Allow the moment to become so memorable that you can come back to it later for further enjoyment. I suggest the same. When you are experiencing things you want to experience again or reflect on, don’t take a picture of it, bask in the moment. Once you have that fully dimensional memory, you can continue to mine it for information, observations and learning. Harness the power of observation by making your observations more rich and complete.

Ask about what you see. It isn’t enough to just be in the moment, you want to be thinking about things as they are happening. Ask yourself questions about what you are experiencing, and you are seeing, hearing and more. With that curious mindset, you will notice more, giving you more input for learning. You harness the power of observation when you interact with your experiences in a curious way.

Pick a filter(s). Two people can experience the same thing and have very different memories and lessons from it. The reason this happens is that we all perceive the world through filters. Take my recent trip for example. If I considered my experience as a tourist, I gain one set of observations and lessons. If I notice my surroundings and experiences as a leader, I get different insights. Same experience, different observations; which lead to different connections and different learning. So apply the filters that relate to your current learning objectives, and if you have really soaked in the moment as I suggested above, you can mine experiences through different filters. Harness the power of observation by consciously choosing the filter with which to see your world.

Generalize and apply. If observations are the raw material of learning, consider the first five suggestions as ways to mine and refine that raw material. Stronger, deeper and more meaningful observations are great, but it is using those observations that create the power. The water is just water until it turns the turbines in the damn. And sand is still sand and not a pane of glass until the raw material is transformed. Once you have your observations, transform your raw material into a valuable finished good with questions like:

– What is most important in my observations?
– What commonalities do I notice?
– How can I use those ideas in my life or work?
– Knowing that, what will I try or do differently next time?

Life is going to happen to you. And whatever happens can feed your learning, growth, and development, but without a process like I have outlined here, the learning will be haphazard and irregular. With the steps I have provided, you will learn moreScience Articles, achieve more and also enjoy each day more.

Helping People See the Big Picture (and Why It Is So Important)

When I am flying home to Indianapolis, I always hope for the landing pattern that takes us over the famed oval of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The image here gives you an idea – but unless you have seen it for yourself, you have no grasp for it. The track is 2.5 miles around. Think about that in your daily driving patterns and you have a sense for the size of the complex.

This is truly a big picture view of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

I write this before the 99th running of the Indy 500 this Sunday, and while I won’t be in attendance, I have attended several times. Each time I sat in a different location, and I have even been right beside the track (as a member of the Purdue All American Marching Band) before the start of the race when the famous call “Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!” is given. Each of these locations provide a different viewpoint of the facility and the race.

Stating it more directly, everyone at this weekend’s race had a different experience of the race in part because of where they sat and what they could see. This is exactly what happens in our workplaces every day.

Everyone comes to work to do their job, and in most all cases, people are there wanting to do their best work and trying to do so based on where they sit and what they can see. And they can’t operate beyond what they can see.

Car drivers have spotters high above the track to give them input and to help them “see” what they can’t see themselves. Why is this important? When they have the bigger perspective, they can be more effective, safer and hopefully more successful as a driver.

The same is true for us at work every day.

As a leader, it is our job to be the spotter for our team member; to help people see the full, big picture.

And this all seems well and good and makes some sense, but in the real world of work, many people just want to know what they are supposed to do. They say things like:

– “Just tell me what to do.”
– “What is the task list?”
– “Can you give me a checklist?”

And, while it is fine that they want these things, as a leader, we know we want them to have the bird’s-eye-view of the work too – understanding how what they do connects to the larger picture of the organization’s goals and success.

There is our dilemma – people ask for one thing, and we need to provide that, but we know they need something more than that. Here are five ways to give them that needed perspective, even when they aren’t asking for it.

Share the big picture regularly. If you have team meetings, are you talking about the organization’s objectives and purpose regularly? If you make the big picture a consistent part of your message, it will be understood – an organically created piece of knowledge. When this occurs, the rest of these ideas become easier to do.

Give the details first, then add the context. If you try to give them the big picture first you may frustrate them, so don’t do it. If the person has asked for the details, the steps and the granularity of their role or task, give it to them. Then continue by telling people the big picture. If they hear the big picture message, you have improved their perspective and understanding – and most importantly, helped them better understand the tasks they are being asked to do.

Ask them what they see. Helping people see something new needs to include finding out what they already see. In other words, questions can be powerful here. Examples:

– How does this task fit into the overall goals for the team?
– What are the most important components of doing this work successfully?

You might find they do understand the big picture, but they have a faulty perspective, or have no clue at all. Questions like these will help you create awareness and understanding in others – and set the stage for the last two suggestions.

Connect the big picture to their work. Often the big disconnect isn’t knowing the work or even knowing the big picture. Often the gap is that people don’t see how those two go together. As leaders, we assume that once they see the big picture, they see how it is relevant to them. That is a bad assumption.

Once people understand the aerial view, help them see how their work is an integral part of the whole.

Connect the big picture to meaning. In the end, this is the most important of all. People want to do work that has a purpose and a meaning. People want to make a difference. One of the best ways to help people get that sense is to help them see what the organization is about and where it is headed. Those aspirations are usually inspiring and filled with meaning. Give your team members a sense of meaning in their work and you will be doing some of the most important work you could ever do.

These five things will allow you to be a spotter for your teams – to help them see a bit biggerArticle Search, to think more strategically and to do their work with the big picture and end goal in mind.

Why Allow Repossession when you can Sell Homes for Cash?

Allowing repossession of your home or properties is no brainer unless you have been declared bankrupt. Repossession would mean letting go off your properties to your lender no matter what mortgage sum is still left to pay and most lenders would surely try to take possession as they know that they stand to gain by doing so. Repossession can only be carried out by the lender when the court of law sanctions the same. Meanwhile you must fight it out tooth and nail to avoid this fate and instead stop repossession of your property by taking refuge in a number of other options. You must understand that repossession is only the last option for the habitual borrower who has no intention of returning the amount he or she has borrowed.

Tightening up a little bit

You may avoid repossession by your ruthless lender with some sane advice from an experienced advocate. It would be better to note that in case of repossessing of your home it is you who ultimately lose out as the lender would sell off the property at an opportune time while you get nothing save a waiver on the money you have taken.

Remember, it is rather easy to forego a property, but another thing altogether to purchase a new one and besides the situation on the ground and the economy may have changed a good deal later on. Besides, you may not be in that age where you may be able to take risks without a worry in the world.

It is therefore suggested that you cut down on your wasteful expenses even if it means that you need to remain absent from your favorite club or that weekend tours. You then need to consolidate all your other debts and keep them at one place so that you don’t miss out the larger target of paying off the mortgage loan. You may also work out another payment schedule with your lender so that you may be able to pay without defaulting.

You may also get expert advice from friends or colleagues so as to how to stop repossession of your home.

Look out for better mortgage deal

You may either look out for a better mortgage deal from other lenders who would love to take over your existing mortgage from the present lender and prepare another plan altogether on better terms or you may make arrangement to sell your properties. You may in other wordsComputer Technology Articles, sell house fast by registering at one of the online cash home buyers site and perhaps you might get a suitable buyer who is ready to take over your mortgage debt too.

Then there are some lenders who may offer you interest only on mortgage instead of the usual capital and interest. You may need to work hard on all these options if you wish to keep your home. If your present lender is quite flexible then you may also remortgage your home so that you may be able to make your interest payments in time.

Why A Wine Lover Should Be Selective About Wine Cellar Designs?

Wine compilation, small or big is indeed worthy of a home which is functional and beautiful. Some wine connoisseurs favour a showcase wine cellar in their home while others are merely interested in practicality. No matter to which category a person belongs to, imagination indeed is the sole limit to the incessant wine cellar design possibilities. Common storage cabinet is definitely not for those who take their collecting endeavours seriously. It is obvious that after investing a huge amount in the wine bottles, the wine hobbyists will wish to showcase their prized possessions in the right way. Decorative storage racks are the perfect pick for those who are eager in showcasing their set in the finest possible way with the dignity and artistry which their collection deserves.

The perfect appearance and looks matters

There are myriad benefits to consider a wine cellar but prior to constructing it, it is important that the cellar possess its exclusive appearance and therefore the wine lover should be selective when it comes to the size and wine cellar designs. Here custom designed cellars will be their most ideal pick because they will get an opportunity of ideas, creativity and recreation. With customized cellars, they can get everything which they can expect from wine. This way they can get exactly what they are in the lookout for in wine cellars and achieve the perfect appearance and looks.

The benefits of employing a professional

Hiring an expert indicates that a wine connoisseur will be capable of selecting from the top cellar designs. They will also be capable of leveraging the expertise, knowledge and experience of experts who will provide the needed attention to the smallest details and come up with a masterpiece. In fact it is not merely about making a masterpiece but also about making sure that the same is in accordance as per their requirements and fits their sweet home devoid of disturbing the present decor.

What does an ideal cellar design arrangement comprise of?

An ideal cellar design arrangement comprises of lighting, wine glasses, table top, pull out cases, custom etched doors and other items. If budget permits then the wine collector can add more accessories. For every wine enthusiast who has a passion of collecting different varieties of wine bottles can decorate their home with admirable wine cellar furniture.

Wine embraces time. With the passage of time its taste and flavour turns more enticing. An apt wine cooling system will play an imperative part to preserve the finest wines properly thereby giving the bottles optimum care. Here the trick is to select a type which will work best in the cellar that has been bought. In case of small cellars, going for economical cooling systems will fit in the small space. Managing humidity levels, precision in controlling temperatureScience Articles, suitability and easy installation are crucial factors that every wine lover should give importance to while creating a cellar in their home. Follow these points sincerely to enjoy a truly memorable wine drinking experience.

Celebrate Party by Ordering the Gorgeous and Palatial Pizza

When it comes to ordering food at home, office or for any small party and celebration, it is very important to take help of the online portals. The websites today are flooded with the promotional coupons, discount codes and voucher codes which enables you to get the best quality food at a discounted price. So, if you are planning to order food for a small party, you need to order something that would be loved by everyone from kids to the aged people. Pizza is an Italian delicacy famous for its mouth-watering toppings and taste and is adored by almost all people irrespective of age and place.

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So you can celebrate the party with great food and goodies but at a reduced rate.

Cash Until Payday Helps When You Truly Require Money

Providing superb stopgap actions for low income individuals or people with truly unfortunate FICO scores, no credit verify individual financial loans are boon for them. It is also recognized as signature loans, no credit score check are the financial loans that are provided by the lenders without checking the credit history of the debtors. Signature financial loans no credit score check are useful for the debtors who have bad credit score history.

Make sure that you study your options well when you are searching for an on-line secured and unsecured mortgage. Of utmost significance is the trustworthiness of the monetary establishment that you are making use of the online mortgage from. You don’t want a fraud web site to generally consider the processing charge from you and then vanish. You can check whether the business you are working with is dependable or not by searching for a valid address and a telephone quantity on the website. You should then call and converse to the individuals and assure yourself that all is good.

Afterwards, the loan companies, who are sitting online in their workplaces far absent from the location of the candidates, will confirm these details utilizing internet. If happy, the lenders transfer the mortgage amount to the borrower’s bank account just following couple of hours.

The types who are searching for such bad credit boat loans need to satisfy some conditions. The borrower should be a long term citizen of Uk. He should be at least eighteen many years of age. Other than that, he should also have a legitimate bank account. Final but not the minimum; he should be earning a normal wage of at least 1000 lbs per thirty day period. If one fulfills all these conditons, he/she is offered cash in no time.

In those times keep in mind we are there for you, each-time. We can assist you getting rid of those stress chains and provide you a so desired breathe of fresh air.

Of program, the simplest route is to settle your money owed and start saving up. This is not as simple as it seems for somebody with expanding cash problems. Try no credit score check loans. You will be approved without the loan company creeping in your history. Just make certain that as soon as your mortgage is approved, you will use it wisely. Otherwise, your issues will begin to develop even more.

When starting to repair your credit score, spend your bill on time from now on. To assist your credit score, you ought to be paying the full amount owed inside the time allowed. You will discover how rapidly your credit rating raises when you begin paying off those overdue expenses.

Although useful, there are things that you need to consider into consideration prior to obtaining an online loan software. You ought to always weigh the pros and disadvantages prior to deciding on something.